Their Apartment


In order to get a better understanding of their architectural ideology, Ida and Billy talk me through their first few projects. I was most curious about their home, as a creative, personal space not only reflects your identity but your craft. Was their home a reflection of their preferred designs, or was it the complete opposite, grounds for crazy experimentations gone awry? 


The start and finish of this project was a means to an end. The design was based on fulfilling their basic collective needs. By listing out what these needs and interests were – a closet, wardrobe, good cooking space etc., they settled on an open plan studio. Caught in the same pertinent problem of other Hong Kong residents, their small 50m2 apartment incorporated space saving designs such as sliding panels and folding shelves.


YUHO Apartment

012_YUHO_003_LD-1We were curious to find out more about space saving techniques for small apartments. The diamond-shaped YUHO apartment was a major challenge in regards to space. This type of floor plan which was commonly found in 80s style Hong Kong flats forced the couple Yu and Ho to arrange their furniture at strange angles to accommodate the layout. yuho1 yuho2 The solution to this problem: inserting a timber pavilion against the angled wall. The raised platform added height to create spatial separation whilst acting as a seating area. By building a wardrobe and bookshelf to its side, the pavilion also provided extra storage space. White panels were added into the interior to cover certain openings. Set up against the white walls, the white panels act as an art feature to attract space and light. 

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