Surface: 370m²

Location: Benicassim, Valencia

Completed by: Egue y Seta

BENICASIM_02BENICASIM_12 While most loft style homes focus on space expansion, Daniel Pérez and Felipe Araujo from Spanish interior design studio Egue y Seta put their focus into the integration of spaces in this 370m² house in sunny Benicassim. Connecting the main rooms of this house is its perimeter garden, a green outdoors space in which the dining room, kitchen and living room all overlook. Partition free, these three rooms are also connected from the inside, the differences separating them are their ceiling heights, pavement and wall finishing. Despite its modest furnishings, each room utilizes specific styles to create a persona with two common elements, wood and metal, to tie them together.  The living room hosts a large L shaped sofa that reverberates the same vibe as the homely wooden walls, whilst the dining room uses a wooden oak table as its centerpiece which is seen to be repeated in the kitchen. However, the kitchen is the most dramatic of the three by combining traditional Spanish ceramic tiles juxtaposed against industrial steel furniture. BENICASIM_14BENICASIM_05 BENICASIM_07Surrounded by these three spaces is a small interior garden, it’s purpose is to dictate movement and connectivity. Traveling upwards, the upper floor also features an interior garden that is surrounded by two bedrooms. Here, the bright wood theme is also carried over into each room. Differentiating the two is easy, as they are the yin and yang to each other; one room features a statement grey wall and ceiling for added warmth and continuity, while the master bedroom is enveloped in white walls to reflect off light. These two bedroom share a common bathroom that is stylistically independent from the house, the cool blue tones balance the earthy nature creating an overall serene and calming effect. BENICASIM_16 4 BENICASIM_18BENICASIM_8 5 2 3BENICASIM_23 2 3 2 2 BENICASIM_26_B All throughout the house elements are repeated. The use of nature, materials, flooring, wall and ceiling finishes all work together to create coherence between each domain whilst allowing them to prosper as individual identities. The message portrayed is clear: no matter the proportions of a room, easy access, harmonious yet individual style and functional furniture will create the ideal living situation. BENICASIM_29 BENICASIM_30

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