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Surface: 200m²
Location: Leiden, Holland
Completed by: ZW6

Within their own disciplines, designer Jeroen van Zwetselaar and artist Casper Faassen share very similar aesthetics. Attracted to working and synergizing the old and the new, the two have created a 21st century style house from a mid-1930s residence. ZW6_Jeroen_van_Zwetselaar_Casper_Faassen_interieur_architect_05casper5 casper6 As a painter and photographer, Casper’s style is very refined often using beauty and decay as his central theme. Spotting Jeroen’s ZW6 project, the Railway House, inspiration for his house was born. Due to the nature of the original building, both wanted to keep the traditional elements and to unearth and recover other areas to highlight its natural beauty. Stripping the house bare, the framework for the ceiling and the brick walls are exposed. ZW6_Jeroen_van_Zwetselaar_Casper_Faassen_interieur_architect_08 casper2 To break up the brick enclosure a white frame was inserted into the middle of the house and situated on top of this blanked out space is the kitchen. This technique creates separation and differentiation without sacrificing space. By doing so, more light is able to spread through the living room and the kitchen creating movement within the space. casper1casper4 By looking at the rest of the surroundings, the palette was chosen. An earthy and neutral statement was chosen to juxtapose against the old heritage feel; slate walls and wooden furniture were effective backdrops to Casper’s plants and many art pieces. By bringing nature indoors, the contrast between the bright furnishings and neutral palette induces a raw and homely atmosphere. casper3 Photography by: Alexander van Berge

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