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Size: 110 m2

Location: Sydney, Australia

Architect: LAVA  

This four-metre wide terrace was converted by Architectural firm LAVA to become a contemporary home. The theme of the terrace was to bring the outdoors inside and the indoors, outside. This urban transformation makes use of wooden furnishing, good lighting as well as sleek designs. croppedimage755510-BOSSEPaddington0220-copy-2croppedimage755510-BOSSEPaddington0102-1024jpg-600x400 To create a seamless transition between the outdoors and the indoors, wood is used as the main theme. Timber floors run along the terrace through the dining, living and kitchen area to create a visual and physical streamlined effect. The timber effect runs through the entirety of the house, with hidden timber screens to provide shade in the living room. croppedimage755510-BOSSEPaddington0220-copy-2 croppedimage755510-BOSSEPaddington0240croppedimage755510-IMG3870 Moving into the kitchen, which is the epicenter of the terrace house, features a custom-made island bench set against white glass for splash back. This is to reflect light to add dimension to the space. This sleek design is mirrored in the bathroom, to add continuity and reflect the streamlined design croppedimage755510-FullSizeRender-2croppedimage755510-IMG3870 Maximizing the capacity of the space to provide a light and airy feel, every possible surface is transformed into storage space seen in the living and dining room areas with floor to ceiling shelves. Contrast is at the heart of this terrace, not only is nature mixed with contemporary furnishing, but aspects of Victorian Sydney are mixed in with modern day architecture. croppedimage755510-FullSizeRender  croppedimage755510-IMG8378

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