Bowl Table Lamp

<p>Almost like a fire in a small valley, the toned glass surrounds the light bulb with a smoky aura.</p>

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New Works

Country of origin

Copenhagen, Denmark



This gives any space a calm and comfortable light. The two contrasting materials of glass and copper draw a line back to old lanterns, which has been the inspiration for this modern version.

Bowl Table Lamp comes in two variations with different colours in the copper base and glass.

Bulbs not included - add ?Edison Antique Light Bulb? to your order.

Knut Bendik Humlevik

As an experienced product designer Knut became creative director of New Works in 2014. Not only is he overseeing the work from international designers that builds the product range, he also contributes with his own designs. With Scandinavian roots, Knut combines his international inspiration with honest materials in his quest to create work that is artistic, yet functional.


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