Comma Side Table

<p>The teardrop shaped Comma table is a real companion, stylish and useful in equal measures. It can squeeze into a small space if you ask it to and it works in the living room, bedroom or office. A small useful bright spot.</p>

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Wiltshire, United Kingdom



With one end narrow end and the other a generous round, the Comma table can squeeze into a confined space, while offering a good space to put things.The colourful laminate top is hard wearing, heat resistant and colourfast. It’s easy to clean, the angled legs keep it firm and stable.

Where best? Curve it around an easy chair or living room sofa, besides holding drinks and snacks, it also works well as a telephone table. It’s a useful office companion, it sits comfortably beside or beneath a desk, keeping your work space safe and uncluttered. It’s stylish but subtle, good to have around.

‘I drew the shapes out by hand onto a sheet of board, we cut them out and selected the ones I liked best.’

I had been looking at and researching table design for several years, and particularly wanted to use laminate with a birch ply base with a bevelled edge and I had also seen angled leg fixing blocks. I especially wanted the table tops to be laminated on one side only, leaving the underside bare, which for me allows the quality of the material to come through.

The curvy shapes happened because I wanted to design a distinctive low table with modern style and an irreverent, characterful quality. I did lots of drawings, and we cut templates until I was happy with a group of individual shapes that work together.The Comma shape evolved from the larger Bean table. It's quite small and fits into small or awkward spaces, it can be a bright spot in a neutral space.


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