Dear Wall Mirror

<p>Ara wall mirrors come in seven collectable styles. The mirrors are full of nostalgic vintage influences, with a sleek contemporary finish they become timeless and suitable for any interior.</p>


Haidée Drew

Country of origin

United Kingdom



Ara Mirrors have been inspired by over 100 years of mirror styles, designed for your wall in the style of a classic over sized hand mirror. There are a total of seven styles they work great as a full collection, individually or as a small group.

Ara Mirrors are laser cut from Mirrored Acrylic making them light and easy to send as a present in the post. They come with a protective film which should be taken off once you have decided where you will hang your mirror.

Please note that this mirror should be cared for by only using a soft cloth dampened with soapy water or acrylic cleaner, and always be careful note to place anything on the mirror that could scratch it. 


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