Fläpps Rectangular Shelf

<p>&quot;Freedom to be Ambivalent&quot;: A modular shelving system without rules.</p>



Country of origin

Berlin, Germany



Wall - shelf - folded - gone!

A beautiful combination of width, height and shelves. Invisible, Wall Art shelving storage – Fläpps can be a combination of all three. You decide.

Each module is a stand-alone shelf that can be combined with other Fläpps modules to become a wall shelving system. A unique wall mounting mechanism effortlessly permits up to 5 shelves to be stacked vertically.

Unfolded the Fläpps shelving system offers endless applications in the office, living room, kitchen, dressing room or entrance hall.

The shelving system consists of five shelves:

Fläpps shelf 40x40x1, Fläpps shelf 80x40x1, Fläpps shelf 80x80x3, Fläpps shelf 80x40x2, Fläpps shelf 80x27x1.

Arguably the most beautiful folding shelving system in the world, Fläpps communicates perfectly with all other products in the range as they share the same mounting mechanism.

Take the Fläpps wall desk. Closed, it blends into the wall, leaving no room for unfinished work. However, combined with other Fläpps shelves it is transformed into the ideal home office. Similarly, the Fläpps Hängrail is the perfect combination of clothes rail and shelf.


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