Hans & Franz Merino Throw

<p>Would you like to invite the most famous musicians, painters and monarchs of all times back to your house?</p>



Country of origin

Hamburg, Germany



Voilá! With “HANS & FRANZ” (German for “Tom, Dick and Harry”) you can offer a seat on your couch to some of the greatest explorers, scientists, inventors, idealists, poets and philosophers of humanity. More than 100 real VIPs are immortalised on this throw with their knitted signatures. We choose those whose great ideas and accomplishments have had a positive effect on the course of history. Unfortunately not everyone who qualified could be included. You will search in vain for the names of Socrates, Spartacus and Cleopatra, because signatures became part of the western culture only about 500 years ago. No one was asked for his autograph until the Middle Ages. That was mainly because very few people could write in those days, even the rulers were absolutely clueless. Seals were used to validate treaties and agreements by pressing a coat of arms, initials and other elaborately manufactured designs into a blob of wax. Many noble fingers were adorned with magnificent signet rings. One of the first to scribble a signature on a document was Charlemagne around 790, but the emperor did not just write his name. A notary drew up the artistic monogram and the monarch completed and verified it by adding just a little scrawl.It was not until 700 years later, during the age of Renaissance, that next to ecclesiastical and secular leaders, also members of the bourgeoisie started to sign important documents. The art trade was booming too and some artists gained great popularity. The Old Masters started to sign their works with their names. Albrecht Dürer created a very distinctive signature, the first logo in history. Too bad, no one asked for his autograph. The first one to use autograph cards was the Bavarian king Ludwig II., who we also owe the romantic castle of Neuschwanstein. In 1864 he began to sign photographs and give them to admirers. What a genius PR strategists.

Throws from this UPPERCASE Merino collection are knitted in Germany from 100% virgin wool. To be exact, it is Merino wool extrafine - the finest sheep have to offer. The soft feel in combination with the clear loop structure makes Merino wool the ideal fabric for this kind of expressive graphical design.


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