Ink'd Caraffe

<p>Ink&#039;d Caraffe by Kiki van Eijk for 1882 Ltd</p>


1882 Ltd

Country of origin

London, United Kingdom




Kiki Van Eijk – Ink’d

A collection inspired by the people who work in the factories –strong men, richly decorated with tattoos, making the most precious and refined objects, fully dedicated to the job. The inspiration led to studying the techniques of tattooing and working with pigments and this forms the base of the collection. The top layer is a drawing of an animal in tattoo style. The animals are the type found in in traditional English china – a pheasant, rabbit, fish, owl and hedgehog. Hidden in the pigment layers, you’ll discover smaller, less detailed animals. But watch out: they might jump out any moment and surprise you too!

Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, Bowl , Caraffe, Large Serving Bowl and Mug.


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