Juliet Pendant Light

<p>Juliet Pendant Light is a modern interpretation, made of porcelain and the desire to combine a light presence with a solid appearance.</p>


New Works

Country of origin

Copenhagen, Denmark



The result is a characteristic pendant that is suitable for kitchens, dining areas or cafes.

Lars Tornøe & Hallgeir Homstvedt

In 2006 Hallgeir became a part of the well-known design collective Norway Says. But in 2009 he decided to start his own studio, where he has done acknowledged work that has travelled the world, from Tokyo to Milan. Since graduating in 2006 from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Lars has been around.

His work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions worldwide, he has won Norwegian designer of the year and done remarkable collaborations with other designers. His work is conceived in his studio in Stavanger.


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