Pi-No-Pi-No Vase

<p>The Pi-No-Pi-No vase is born from the idea that a vase should be flexible, just like flowers.</p>

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Copenhagen, Denmark



That’s why it can be put together and taken apart, making it suitable for both tall and tiny flowers.

Maija Puoskari & Tuukka Tujula

Coming from Finland Maija is heavily inspired by the wild and clean nature she finds just outside her door. She has her own studio in Helsinki, and her work has been awarded and exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Graphic designer, BA, Tuukka Tujula works as an Art Director and Partner in Cassius Helsinki. He has been working in Finnish top studios/agencies for almost a decade. The internationally awarded Tujula thinks it is a great day when he can solve a problem in functional and beautiful way.

Puoskari and Tujula are a couple living and working together. They have a habit of slipping into design mode also in their free time.


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