Robok Shelf



Country of origin

Berlin, Germany



“A room needs abundance, clothes do not.” The famous fashion icon Coco Chanel never designed a coat rack. If she had, she would’ve combined space-saving functionality with simple but high-quality materials.

KOMAT Robok is a shelf made of untreated oak, the hooks and bows of black-finished steel fit perfectly into its notches. They can be moved around anyway you like, their own weight keeping them in place. You can fit several Roboks next to each other, make them go round corners or hang them one above the other. And no matter which option you choose, the screws are always hidden, and mounting your Robok on the wall is quick and easy. Using up hardly any space, you have plenty of room to hang and put everything down when you get home.

Robok is available in two shelf lengths with four different hook-and-bow configurations.

Dimensions: 3,5 / 6 / 40 - 80 cm (h / w /l)


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