Virtue Throw

<p>This Virtue Blanket is made from undyed Icelandic wool that retains its natural texture.</p>

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Country of origin

Stockholm, Iceland



It is designed with present-day virtues in mind. They are written in Icelandic: Trú (faith), heilsa (health), jákvœðni (positivity), þolinmœði (patience), hreinskilni (honesty), heiðarleiki (integrity), fjölskyldu- og vinabönd (family and friendship). The idea for this Virtue Blanket comes from Icelandic virtue cloths of the early 18th century, which were used as counterpanes, or bedspreads. The Virtue Blanket is available in black, gray and brown.

Size 115x210 cm.Knitted in undyed Icelandic wool, double layered.100% Pure new Icelandic wool.


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